When it comes to horse race betting, beating the bookies, beating the odds, and beating the casinos is the dream. How can you place the right bet, at the right horse, at the right race? Many professional gamblers claim to have found systems that work, systems brimmed to the full with probability and permutations, designed to help you, supposedly, place the right exotic or single bet and beat the bookies and the odds and win.

Today, it is very easy to follow the races and bet on the horses, and you don’t even need to leave your home. You simply place your bet and follow the race online, and collect your winnings or mourn your losses in the same way. There are also the web sites where you can play great games like starburst xxxtreme with a hefty bonus codes and promotional benefits, making the experience even more fun.

The difference between a gambler and a horse race enthusiasts

But there is a difference between a gambler and a horse racing enthusiast. When it comes to horse racing, learning everything about the horses is a must for anyone who wants to place bets on horse races. The gambler only cares for the thrill of the bet, and for many gambling addicts, betting on horse races was a gateway towards many other forms of gambling that provide a quicker and bigger thrill without the extra work. For horse race enthusiasts, placing a bet is the tip of the iceberg, while the real excitement lies in learning the horses and everything about them, which, as a process, needs to come before betting if the bet is to bring forth a win.

Why other gamblers’ systems do not work

Horse race betting systems have been developed by a lot of self-professed professional gamblers. This is not disputable, for them, their systems work, and there are many stories circling out there of professional punters who are making a living directly by betting on horses. But they are the exception – many people lose the bets they make on horse races, even when they use said systems. This is because they expect another person to do all the work for them, but also because the system might be flawed and not take in crucial information, like the day’s handicapping tips, for example. So one should not rely on betting systems for the perfect bet.

Learning: Begin with the horses

It is imperative to learn everything about the horses before you continue with a bet. Learn the terminology and how to differ between a horse, a geld, a juvenile, a maiden, and others. If you’re partial to a horse, try attending a horse race to see it perform. Even if you’re partial to online betting versus going to the racetracks, a trip to a horse race can be a lot of fun and quite informational, and you can meet a lot of people who will have actual information on the horses as a bonus. Do not delve into the fray without prior information, because chances are, none of your bets will beat the bookies and bring forth a win for you.

Learning: Different types of bets

Straight bets are easy to comprehend, as there are only three of them: win, place or show, where you bet that the horse will end first, second or third. There is also the combination bet of the three, commonly referred to as across the board, which in turn costs a bit more, but it gives you more chances of winning, as you win as long as the horse finishes first, second or third. There are also exotic bets, which range from exacta and trifecta, and superfecta, where you bet on three to four different horses to win first, second, third and fourth. These are the types of bets which can bring you a considerable win, if you do your research and analysis on the horses and bet on the right selection of horses.

Another type of bet is laying a horse. When you lay a horse, you are basically betting that the horse will lose the race, and not finish first, second or third. As a type of bet, it is highly popular, as there is a high chance of winning, but know that there will be a lot of other people placing a lay bet, so your winnings might not end up being so grand.

Importance of the paddock

The paddock is the place where the horses are stationed before the race. If you attend a horse race and plan on placing a bet, going to the paddock will give you an opportunity to see whether the horse is ready for a run. In that situation, you should look for signs of fatigue, or whether the horse is sweating profusely, or acting in strange manners, and determine whether you should place a bet on that horse or not. This is not something that you can do if you place your bets from home, although there are other means of determining a horse’s possible prowess in the upcoming race. One of them is to watch previous races, read highlights and compare results. In addition, you should always take into consideration the condition of the tracks, whether they are dry and fast, or muddy due to recent rain, as it has great impact on the race and the horses.

Learning: Different types of races

There are different types of races, and horses perform differently in each. If you do not have enough knowledge about them, you might place the right bet, at the right horse, on the wrong type of race, and still lose your bet. So, learn the difference between a derby and a handicapped race. For instance, a derby is a race of three-year-old horses, while a handicapped race is where the horses are assigned weights – handicaps – to carry as they run. In addition, there are sprint races, maiden races, route races and others, and all have different conditions, rules, and participants. Then, there is the stakes race, which is a high level race of famous horses of high quality.

In conclusion, if you wish to place bets on horse races that are smart and have a high chance of winning, you should learn everything about horses and horse races beforehand. Otherwise, you will only win if you place a lucky bet, and lucky wins do not mean beating the bookies and the casinos. It only means you’ve gotten lucky once, and it will probably not happen again.

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