SportCG was founded in Newcastle 1977. Starting as a local community between the race tracks, we have slowly progressed towards a more digital and worldwide presence, inviting both swedish and italian horse racing. Our vision is to close the current gap between the internet and real life horse tracks, in order to deliver the best of the horse racing world and share the live experience across the world. On all our tracks, you can find anything from jockey apparel to baseball uniform jerseys. We also have a computer area where you can try out live sports betting.

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Why We Love Xero (And You Should, Too!)

When making improvements to your small business in an effort to help things run smoother, bookkeeping software is certainly among the top things to be considered. However, before purchasing and learning how to use new software, you’ll want shop around to determine which software works best for you. Whether you’re a bookkeeper Surry Hills residents Read More..


Here’s how to build a genuine trust with your horse

Owning a horse is more than just having a big pet, especially if you’re not a professional horse trainer or breeder. That’s why the best course of action once you get a new horse is to get help from a professional trainer or a horse communicator. You simply cannot train your horse and build genuine Read More..


Passion for Sports: Horse Betting Trends Rising In the UK

The race tracks have always attracted a lot of people, not only punters, but sports enthusiasts as well. The sport of kings, as it is commonly called, offers numerous opportunities of social and business gatherings spiced up with the thrill of horseracing. The tracks, the races, the crowds cheering their favorites on, and the thrill Read More..

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Beat the Casinos: Benefits of Learning Everything about the Horses

When it comes to horse race betting, beating the bookies, beating the odds, and beating the casinos is the dream. How can you place the right bet, at the right horse, at the right race? Many professional gamblers claim to have found systems that work, systems brimmed to the full with probability and permutations, designed Read More..


Sports betting in Europe: Which Countries is it most popular in?

Europe is the home of some of the most famous football teams, and the UK and Germany have a long history with horse races and other sports, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that sports betting is one of the most popular form of gambling and entertainment in Europe. This is partly due to Read More..


Born To Be Wild – Stories of Gamblers Who Have Lost It All on the Racetrack

There is not a shortage of stories of gamblers who lose it all, especially today, when gambling addiction is in the limelight just as much as any other addiction. But there are stories that stand out, stories that show just how much horse racing can have an impact on a person’s life. The stories presented Read More..

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